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My name is Tim, I’m a freelance sourcing and recruitment consultant.

For employees

We know how hard it is to find yourself in this life.

OK, maybe we won't go that far. Let's just try to find a good job.

You want the job to be interesting, to be useful for others, to make an impact, to reach your full potential, and, last but not least, to be well compensated.

Other "little things" matter as well, such as a smart boss, colleagues that you get along with, a conveniently located office, tasty office coffee and so on...

We know how difficult this process is, and that is why we are here to help you.

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For employers

We know how hard it is to find yourself in this life.

OK, maybe we won't go that far. Let's just try to find a good employee.

Say you are an employer, overseeing a perspective project. You have a great team at your hands, plenty of investors or other funding sources, you see long-term perspectives of your project but you are short-staffed and urgently need some new members on your team.

You don’t have much time for recruiting, you need them...yesterday.

We know how difficult this process is. And that is why we are here to help you.

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About us

Generally speaking HR is the ability of finding candidates on-line using a variety of sources. But we like to think of it as much more than that. It is a way of thinking, a special approach to the hiring process.

Our experts are the best in their field, as they are constantly researching, learning and are not afraid to experiment. This enables us to find the best candidates even for the most difficult positions. We build strong relationships with the candidates and combine skills from different disciplines.

We don't just focus on finding a candidate for the role. We want to find the best person to work with and are mindful of the company's long-term ability to attract talent.

We have extensive experience in various projects, but as our fully confidential policy is our number one priority we aren’t able to share any further details… you just have to believe us that we are that good. All we can say is that we are always flexible and can fully adapt and adjust to any of our client’s needs.

What we've been aimed

Our mission

Establishing a Candidates Profile

Based on recommendations and grades we establish a profile for the perfect candidate

Develop a search strategy

Generate a proposal

Prepare a long list; a complete candidate list

Interview and Background Checks

We conduct interviews and if necessary, test the candidates

We run a thorough background check, recommendations and conduct a fact check for all the information the candidate has supplied

Prepare a Short-List

We collect reviews about the candidates from their previous places of employment

We hand in a short-list of candidates that have passed our grading system regarding each job opening

We supply you with an analytical document regarding each candidate in the shortlist

We arrange final interviews between the candidates and the potential employer. The decision of employment is finally up to the client


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New Jobs for Apply

Hotel Receptionist


We have a legal obligation to ensure that all staff have the right to work in the UK, under the Asylum and Immigration Act . If we offer you a job, you need to show us evidence that you are entitled to work in the UK



Reception Manager

A massive number of jobs within the hotel sector from junior or first job

Spa Therapist

In return we offer a competitive benefits package that includes –

Research Analyst

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